1. When paying for the consultation, I am hiring the consulting services of Susana Bustes RCIC # R710046 – The purpose of this consultation is to evaluate my profile and develop a potential immigration plan under the Canadian Immigration Law based on the information I provide.
  2. I understand that I am authorizing The Immigration Consultant RCIC Susana Bustes R710046 to provide me with advice, and that all the information I am providing is truthful.
  3. I understand that if I do not attend the consultation or arrive 15 minutes late, I will forfeit 100% of the total payment. We appreciate your punctuality.
  4. Your profile and immigration situation will be evaluated during your 45-minute consultation. Please ensure that you provide your information on the platform and your resume before the appointment, in order to assess your profile and develop your options.
  5. Immigration options that are not evaluated during the consultation will not be assessed later via email. The client acknowledges and understands that the consultant is not obligated to answer questions or explain processes that were not discussed during the consultation.
  6. Only topics related to Canadian immigration will be discussed. Questions about social assistance, insurance, pensions, retirement, job search, etc., will not be addressed during the appointment, as they are outside the jurisdiction of an immigration consultant.
  7. I understand that Susana Bustes is not specialized in refugee matters and therefore cannot provide advice on how to enter Canada through channels not established by law or irregular systems.
  8. I understand that if I wish to initiate a process, I must hire the corresponding services that are not included in the consultation and sign a retainer agreement.